Personal Growth

Racing with the Rain: A Moment of Reflection and Gratitude

Every Sunday morning, I set aside a moment for reflection and gratitude. Going for a walk, attending a Mass, facetiming with my family in Vietnam, or just simply enjoying a cup of hot coffee while admiring the Hudson River through my apartment window are ways to find peace and look back my past self. Questions such as what I have achieved or failed to do last week, who I interacted with, why I am here, and what I am thankful for are my tools to find memories, celebrate my accomplishments and fix my failures.

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But today I chose to run under a shower of rain in the Riverside Park nearby. It was quiet. No phone. No distraction. The only sound I could hear was the rain drumming on the autumn-colored leaves on the sidewalk. I just ran. I thought of nothing. I forgot to answer the list of questions that I have disciplined to do. My body blended in the rain and nature. I felt as if the rain and I had a race; the heavier the rain was, the faster and lighter my body became. I felt a deep moment of joy, peace, and gratitude in my inner self despite the stormy weather out there. I thanked God for who I am and for every step I have walked through the storm of life.