“Wonder Woman” Movie Review and Lessons about Entrepreneurship

I went to see “Wonder Woman” last Friday and was intrigued by the entrepreneurial lessons that the movie has brought to the audience. The main character in the movie is Diana, Princess of the Amazons. Raised on a hidden island of Themyscira, Diana is trained to be a warrior under the leadership of her aunt General Antiope. Diana meets an allied spy named Steve Trevor whom she rescues in an airplane crash. Steve reveals Diana that “The War to End All Wars” is raging in the outside world. Believing she can save the humankind, Diana leaves her home with Steve to end the war.

Here are 5 things that I’ve learned from the movie about being a woman and entrepreneurship.

1. Grit
Despite being forbidden from training as a warrior by her mother, Queen Hippolyta, Diana is gritty enough to conquer all the discouragements to do the training with General Antiope in secret. Diana is so passionate about becoming a warrior that she practices as hard as possible and is not afraid of getting hurt.

In entrepreneurship, grit seems to hold the same degree of importance. It’s about the passion and perseverance to pursue not many goals at the same time, but just one thing at a time and become an expert in the field. It may be easy to get passionate about something and start doing it, but it becomes much harder to actually finish it. How many of you started working on a project that you were very interested in, but when the challenges came, you quit and moved on to the next one? I sometimes did. I sometimes started a book that I was astonished about but never finished it because I kept making excuses for not having enough time. Realizing this, I am still trying to practice and improve my grit score by finishing all the books I haven’t finished.

2. Curiosity
One thing I really like about Diana Princess is she asks Steve a lot of questions about the real world and not afraid to question/experiment what Steve says. Born and raised on a completely different island of Amazons, Diana is like a child, innocent and pure yet truthful and eager to learn. When seeing a couple walking on a London’s street and holding each other’s hands, Diana wasn’t afraid to question why the people hold hands. Steve’s answer “Because they’re together” leads Diana to hold Steve’s hand but he quickly releases her hand. This’s pretty confusing and awkward to Diana but it’s a definitely a lovely scene in the movie.

Just never stop questioning conventional wisdom, either in life or in entrepreneurship. Sometimes curiosity doesn’t lead to success that people are dreaming of but it definitely creates a fun experience. Stay hungry, stay foolish.


3. Bravery
The Wonder Woman’s spirit of fighting for the humankind, the truth and justice seem to never fade regardless of all deadly risks she is facing in the war. I was strongly impressed by the scene of Diana pushing alone through all enemy lines and liberate a village attacked by the German force. Diana’s flexibility in using her powers is also one of her strengths to eradicate all of the German soldiers.

How does this relate to entrepreneurship? Needless to say, bravery and willingness to take risks are critical qualities in starting a business. But what’s more important is knowing how to use your own powers and strengths to assess the risks and avoid making mistakes.

4. Being a Leader 
Being a woman myself, I admire Diana’s leadership skill in the mission of ending the war. She’s the first woman to leave her island and jump into a battle of men. She doesn’t let her gender of female to become the barrier to save the humankind.

From a country where men are still considered the upper class in some areas of Vietnam, I sometimes feel discouraged when talking about my ambitions of building start-ups. But the Wonder Woman has inspired me to step up and not be afraid to express my ideas. I’m sure the movie has also inspired many other young women to become leaders and change the world.

5. Mentorship
When the German sailors attack Themyscira, General Antiope dies intercepting a bullet meant for Diana. Without supports and sacrifice of Antiope, Diana Princess would have never become the Wonder Woman and the humankind would have been destroyed.

In my journey to bridge the reality with my world of imagination, I am myself also grateful for all my professors, mentors, and friends who have always provided constant supports and sage counsels whenever needed. Without them, I would never have achieved what I have today.